The metafor Package

A Meta-Analysis Package for R

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The metafor Package: A Meta-Analysis Package for R

The metafor package is a free and open-source add-on for conducting meta-analyses with the statistical software environment R. The package consists of a collection of functions that allow the user to calculate various effect size or outcome measures, fit fixed-, random-, and mixed-effects models to such data, carry out moderator and meta-regression analyses, and create various types of meta-analytical plots.

On this website, you can find:

  • some news concerning the package and/or its development,
  • a more detailed description of the package features,
  • a log of the package updates that have been made over the years,
  • a to-do list and a description of planned features to be implemented in the future,
  • information on how to download and install the package,
  • information on how to obtain documentation and help with using the package,
  • some analysis examples that illustrate how to apply various models, methods, and techniques described in the literature with the package,
  • a little showcase of plots and figures that can be created with the package,
  • some tips and notes that may be useful when working with the package,
  • a list of people that have in some shape or form contributed to the development of the package,
  • an (incomplete) list of articles that have used the package as part of the analyses,
  • some links to other websites related to software for meta-analysis.

The metafor package was written by Wolfgang Viechtbauer. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 2.

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