The metafor package

A meta-analysis package for R

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The metafor package: A meta-analysis package for R

The metafor package is a free and open-source add-on for conducting meta-analyses with the statistical software environment R. The package consists of a collection of functions that allow the user to calculate various effect size or outcome measures, fit fixed-, random-, and mixed-effects models to such data, carry out moderator and meta-regression analyses, and create various types of meta-analytical plots.

On this website, you can find a more detailed description of the current and planned package features, news and updates concerning the package, instructions for downloading and installing the package, information on how to obtain further documentation and help when using the package, several analysis examples showing how to apply various meta-analytic models and methods described in the literature with the package, a little showcase of plots and figures that can be created with the package, an (incomplete) list of articles that have used the metafor package (or its predecessor, the 'mima' function) as part of their analyses, and a frequently asked questions section.

The metafor package was written by Wolfgang Viechtbauer. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 2.

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