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The following is a (probably incomplete) list of people (in no particular order) that have contributed code, discovered bugs, made suggestions for improvements, provided funding, or have made other notable contributions to the development of the metafor package:

  • Michael Dewey (has made numerous useful suggestions over the years for improving the package),
  • Masayuki Henmi and John Copas (wrote part of the code that became the hc.rma.uni() function)
  • Markus Kösters (reported a bug in the escalc() function for measure="SMCR")
  • John Hodgson (noted that the permutest() function only needs to go through all possible unique row permutations of the model matrix, which may be considerably lower than $k!$ when the model matrix contains recurring rows)
  • Hans-Jörg Viechtbauer (provided an efficient recursive algorithm for finding all unique row permutations of a model matrix)
  • Gavin Stewart (reported a bug in the function)
  • Bernd Weiss (reported a bug in the fsn() function)
  • Jim Lemon (suggested a better way of choosing the size of the labels, annotations, and symbols in the various forest() functions)
  • Jason Hoeksema (organized and invited me to participate in a NESCent working group that allowed me to focus on developing the function and its phylogenetic analysis capabilities)
  • Chris Schmid, Tom Trikalinos, and the people at the Center for Evidence Based Medicine at Brown University (collaborated on and provided some funding for the development of the package as part of a subcontract on a grant)
  • Mike Cheung (collaborated on research that led to the development of the influence.rma.uni() function)
  • Philip de Witt Hamer (made suggestions for improving the various forest() functions and pointed me to the inverse Freeman-Tukey transformation)
  • Sandra Wilson and Mark Lipsey of the Peabody Research Institute at Vanderbilt University (provided funding for making the more efficient and for adding multicore capabilities to the function)
  • Peter Konings (pointed out an omitted offset term in one of the models fitted by the rma.glmm() function)
  • Dan Jackson (provided code for the generalized Q-statistic estimator and the corresponding confidence interval method)
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